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Welcome to Nand Kuwar Hari Roy B.Ed. College, Dhanarua, Patna
Quality teaching holds the key to the future standard of living of our society. Teaching is a challenging role, which is often not well understood by the general public, and a teacher(s) work is made more complex by a rapidly changing, technological society. It is fortunate to have so many committed teachers making a significant difference to students’ lives, everyday.
We believe one of the best ways to discover who you are, and who you want to be, is through a liberal education. Through your collaboration with dedicated distinguished faculty and staff, you will have the opportunity to broaden your understanding and to develop your talents. We are committed to provide the kind of supportive, open environment that will enable you to learn about yourself, while you learn about the world around you. While the academic program is challenging, you will find the friendships and support system that will help you realize your potential.
As a student of exceptional ability, you will be encouraged to develop personal and academic goals for yourself. Our ultimate commitment to you is to guide you towards great personal achievement and a life distinguished by positive contributions to society.
Our Address:
Nand Kuwar Hari Roy B.Ed. College
Bhergawa, Dhanarua, Patna
E-mail : nkhrbedcollege@gmail.com
Contact : +91 9334114382